Satan has many emissaries, most of whom are unsuspecting dupes who have no idea that their actions play right into Satan’s plans and Satan’s schemes.

In order to ferret out just who these emissaries of Satan are, one has only to examine some of the things that makes Satan happy and which helps him accomplish his mission of bringing chaos, war, starvation, disharmony, unhappiness, death, and destruction to God’s Planet Eden.

Following are just a few of the many activities which make Satan happy by helping him in his unholy mission:

1. Satan loves cancer for it causes great grief and human misery. If you subsidize, grow, or promote tobacco products for other than your own personal use you are an emissary of Satan.

2. Satan loves extinction for it hastens the death of God’s Creation. If you are involved in any industry which is damaging the habitat of any species of God’s Creation then you are an emissary of Satan.

3. Satan loves the death penalty and super-max prisons for they dehumanize our society. If your participate in the death penalty in any way or in the construction of inhumane prisons you have become an emissary of Satan.

4. Satan loves clear-cutting, for the destruction of our native forests hastens desertification, causes floods and landslides and contributes to global warming. If you are a stock-holder in a timber or paper industry which clear-cuts, if you work in the clear-cutting industry or if you consume the products from old-growth forests you are helping Satan to destroy our Earth.

5. Satan loves the junk food industry for it contributes to obesity, diabetes, and other diseases which cause human misery and suffering. If you are a producer or purveyor of junk food you have played into Satan’s hands.

6. Satan loves urban sprawl for it contributes to pollution, destruction of farms and forests, hastens extinctions, and causes road rage and other violent acts due the frustration of living in a gridlocked existence. If you are a developer or other promoter of the destruction of ‘America the Beautiful’ then you have foolishly become an emissary of Satan.

Satan loves misery and misery loves company. Don’t let Satan make you his companion!!!


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